Blue Sky

Here at Hawk Associates, we know that our Outdoor Team Development Events can generate huge amounts of enthusiasm and commitment from participants to promote both team and organisational effectiveness. We have worked over many years to develop ways to ensure that this enthusiasm is transferred with genuine passion and commitment back into the workplace.

Blue Sky receive Hawk Award

Recently we have been using a process of securing commitments from our participants to declare what they are going to do on return to work to make a difference. They pair up with a colleague once back in the workplace to help them maintain direction, enthusiasm and ultimately deliver on their commitments.

This process has worked really well in the main, but every now and again a company ‘fully commits’ and every single member of the team delivers on their stated commitment. When this happens, we are pleased to present the company with the ‘Hawk Associates Commitment Award’.

At the end of 2013, Blue Sky Performance Improvement, who we have worked with for many years, fulfilled their goal of achieving the Award after a team development event in South Wales. . We were delighted to have been able to work with Blue Sky throughout this process and ultimately to have been able to present this Award to them. This has been a fantastic achievement for Blue Sky, not only in terms of personal and team commitment, but also for the benefits to the organisation that have resulted from implementing the commitments.