Outdoor Development and the VUCA landscape

VUCA landscapes are now accepted as being a major part of business today, and successful organisations are using it to the gain significant advantage over their competitors.

The term VUCA Landscape has been used extensively in the business world and is frequently discussed as the future backdrop that business leaders must navigate.  It was first coined by the US Army War College before being developed by Robert Johansen, a noted futurist, who has become a well-respected thought leader.

The outdoor environment is the perfect training opportunity for Leaders & Teams aspiring to excel in the complex and volatile world of today.  Outdoor Development combines the latest in development theory with tried and tested programmes that accelerate learning.

By harnessing the ambiguity and uncertainty of the Outdoors, participants can develop the skills they need to survive in modern day business.

A natural by-product of spending time in the Outdoors is resilience.  By its very nature, the Outdoor world is ever changing and rarely clear cut, perfectly emulating the challenging business landscape.

The particular meaning and relevance of VUCA often relates to how people view the conditions under which they make decisions, plan forward, manage risks, foster change and solve problems. In general, the premises of VUCA tend to shape an organization’s capacity to:

  1. Anticipate issues
  2. Understand the Consequences of Issues and Actions
  3. Appreciate the Interdependence of Variables
  4. Prepare for Alternative Realities and Challenges
  5. Interpret and Address Relevant Opportunities

Our Outdoor Development Programmes are designed to stretch participants and help them to develop the skills that are essential to succeeding in the VUCA landscape.  By undertaking a process of review throughout a programme participants can learn in a safe, non-threatening environment that maximises learning and personal growth.

Our programmes combine cutting edge Leadership thinking alongside tried and tested models from the last 50 years or so.  They give participants an unrivalled edge in business, and are hugely effective in multiple independent ROI measures.

For more information on how one of these programmes can help your organisation please get in touch.