South Hook

South Hook Team Event

South Hook LNG provide the UK with up to 30% of its natural gas requirements. They employ more than 100 people between their site at Milford Haven and their London office.

They are a large and complex facility where no one person has the skills or stamina required to keep the 24 hour operation going, each member of their team is dependent on the others. They know that good communication and working toward shared objectives are key for success in their field, but putting this into practice can sometimes be challenging.

Hawk Associates designed a bespoke team event for South Hook, held at an events venue just up the road from their site. The objective was to give those attending a fun and enjoyable day out, to be able to talk face to face to people that they don’t see everyday in their day to day work and to build and embed some key team working skills.

The day was split into indoor sessions looking at some theory on teams, what makes them work well and what holds them back. These were part of a round table discussion to engage with the participants. The outside element, with the blessing of some lovely Welsh sunshine, involved the participants working in small teams and sub-teams to complete a series of problem solving tasks, cumulating in an exciting finale.

Light touch reviewing was used by our facilitators to help pull out key learning from each of the tasks, whilst still keeping the focus on a fun and enjoyable day.

South Hook recognised that this was a large investment for their organisation, they hope that the day has “rubbed off some edges”, broken down barriers and that when they returned to the work place, those that could not make the event would see a difference in the team working skills of those that enjoyed tea, cake and games in the sunshine.