Fast Track to Management Programme

“The Momentum programme was introduced at a crucial point during my early career. It has helped me define the manager that I am today. Your input during the coaching sessions has been fundamental in achieving some of the successes in the journey so far. “ Emma Williams, DVLA

Fast track to Management with hawk Associates
It is often the case in business that staff with potential are promoted to more senior positions, without any of the skills and knowledge that is needed at that new level. They are then expected to learn as they go along and may get some training, or may not!  A far more effective strategy is to take those with potential and give them the key skills and knowledge prior to promotion. This has the benefit of both preparing them for future roles and allows a greater insight into their capability to be ascertained during their training.

Our Fast Track to Management Programme can be run at a variety of levels, aimed at ensuring that staff hit the ground running once promoted, or get up to speed quickly if newly promoted.

Module Breakdown
Module 1 – Intro, Leadership Basics, Managing Time
Module 2 – Presentation Skills
Module 3 – Team Skills
Module 4 – Leadership Skills
Module 5 – Coaching and Delegation – 8th October
Module 6 – Customer Service, Managing Stress, Completion
Venue will take into account where participants are based.
Course Costs – £145 per module or £800 for the whole Programme
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Examples of Areas that may be covered:

  • Programme Orientation
  • Leadership and Management skills
  • Teams skills and team motivation
  • Assertiveness
  • Influencing, persuading, negotiating skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Managing time
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Effective delegation
  • Customer service
  • Financial awareness for non finance staff
  • Stress management
  • Managing conflict
  • Personal Planning and assignments

Delivery Methods

All course elements are delivered using a variety of techniques and training methods to maximise the learning opportunities. The courses would be in a workshop format rather than traditional training/classroom style and are highly participatory. Delivery methods would involve the following:

  •  Explanation and demonstration
  •  Theory and concepts
  •  Discussion and input from participantsCelebrating 25 years
  •  Exercises and review
  •  Practice opportunities for all
  •  Case studies
  •  Issue of training notes and workbooks
  •  Use of flip charts and recording in workbooks
  •  Action planning for each individual

Our successful Fast Track Programmes are run as a series of modules over a 6 month period to allow consolidation and implementation, though we can deliver programmes more intensively.

If you wish to develop a number of people at the same time, all of our Personal Development programmes can be delivered at your workplace, at a venue that is convenient for you or through the medium of Outdoor Development. See Outdoor Personal Development for the benefits of this approach.

To find out how we can build a bespoke Fast Track to Management programme to meet your organisations’ needs, talk to us today on 01558 668878 or click below to arrange a call back.

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