Objectives Development

“The insight you provided in support of developing Contact Enquiry Centre objectives was invaluable and your direction aided the successful delivery of the project. From the early days of wondering what I had let myself in for to the final days of handing over the objectives, I felt guided and empowered.” Steve Dawkins, DVLA

Objectives Development from Hawk Associates

Clarity of what is required of any member of staff is the key to getting the best performance. We have found over the last 15 years working with Contact Centres that KPI’s and Performance Objectives are often not written in a way that aligns with Organisational Objectives and tend to be highly focussed on Statistical results.

We have worked with our clients to review existing objectives and re-write them to align with Organisational Objectives and Cultural Values. This has in every case resulted in improved results at the same time as improved Employee Engagement.

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