Problem Solving Skills

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Problem Solving Skills with Hawk Associates

Course aims

This course will equip participants with the skills required to more effectively solve problems within your organisation. Creative thinking and innovation skills are key components of this approach and the training will focus on ways to harness the thinking power of staff and colleagues in finding solutions to  complex problems in the simplest way.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  •  apply a range of innovative problem solving techniques
  •  engage colleagues and staff effectively in the solution and facilitate creative and innovative thinking
  •  understand personal styles and strengths and how working others can help broaden thinking

Sample content covered

The precise content will be tailored for your organisation’s needs

  •  Clarifying the problem – fixing the right thing
  •  Determining required outcomes
  •  Problem solving processes
  •  Innovation and Creative Thinking
  •  Brainstorming and Problem Solving techniques
  •  Breaking problems down and prioritising solutions

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