Why Choose Us?

Hawk Associates have over 25 years experience of delivering projects and programmes in a very wide range of organisations and situations. As a long established and successful provider, we can deliver the training you require and remain focused over time.

We have a wide range of experience in a variety of business sectors. We have delivered a range of services, from short training programmes and workshops through to organisational change programmes and top team development programmes.

For our outdoor based programmes and activities, we hold a license from The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority. We are technical advisors for many other outdoor activity providers and we have long standing involvement with cave and mountain rescue, all of which allow us to provide the very highest quality of activities in the safest way possible. All of our outdoor instructors hold the necessary NGB qualifications, mostly at the higher levels.

More reasons to choose Hawk Associates

  • Wide experience and bring in the right people to meet your needs
  • Tailored delivery following careful consultation
  • Flexibility – able to respond to customers’ needs and tailor content and delivery for best results
  • Partnership approach to projects
  • Ability to deliver whole programmes and ensure that an integrated approach is maintained
  • We deliver what you ask for
  • We have been providing development programmes since 1989
  • Our staff are qualified and experienced – most having been with us throughout our years of operation

For outdoor based programmes:

  • We are licensed as a provider by AALA (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority)
  • Safety is paramount to us and our track record is exemplary
  • Our equipment is excellent
  • We are a People Development company that uses the outdoors as a learning medium, not an Activity Provider that can deliver ‘team building’ or ‘leadership’