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Apprentice Training and Development is one of our specialist areas in South Wales. We’ve delivered personal development programmes for Apprentices for nearly 30 years. We have aspire to provide the very best in learning and development experiences that are both challenging, and fun at the same time.

We cover a wide range of skills from personal development aspects to team and leadership skills. Courses are tailor-made to meet your needs and to suit the stage of apprenticeship that the participants are at. Our Outdoor Development Centres in South Wales is a great venue for courses or at any location to suit your organisation.

Our Apprentice Development programme will complement your organisation’s in-house apprentice training by developing people skills that are not normally covered by technical or job-specific skills training. We instil skills and behaviours.  These include communication, teamwork and self-confidence in your apprentices that enable them to utilise their technical and practical skills for the best advantage for your organisation.

Research shows that adults only retain 10% of what they are told, but retain up to 66% of what they do.  Our Apprentice Development courses take this into account and provide plenty of practical exercises to aid learning.  The classroom practical ratio varies but is typically between 50:50 and 20:80 depending on the objectives required.

We have had several senior managers from repeat clients speak very fondly of their memories of being apprentices on our courses.

sample learning outcomes include
Communicating effectiviely with colleagues and supervisors/managers.
Achieving results through teamwork and the power that a team brings to an organisation.
How to solve problems, think creatively and make accountable decisions.
How an individuals approach and behaviours impact on on other and how to be effective when working with others.
To take responsibility for their personal development through being self-aware.
A level of self-confidence that will drive motivation and career aspiration.

Apprentice Development programmes are built bespoke to your organisation’s needs. This provides you with the opportunity to specify the skills and behaviours that are most important to you. We can then align the programme to your organisations’ values and culture. The most effective duration for an Apprentice Development course is when the candidates immerse themselves in learning from Monday to Friday on a residential week. However, our flexible approach allows us to work around your needs and constraints, building custom Apprentice Development courses to suit you.

Typical organisational benefits include:

More effective team working results in better decision-making abilities.

Improved overall level of skills in apprentice group.

Accelerated rate of personal and skill development.

Faster return on apprentice investment.

Maximisation of the benefits from the technical and job-specific skills sets of your apprentices.

Ability to work effectively with others in the workplace in a way that would not otherwise have been possible.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in apprentice intake group.

Apprentices leave the Outdoor Development programme with greater motivation and aspiration for career and business success.

Satisfied apprentices are more likely to be retained by the organisation.

Our Apprentice development and Personal Development programmes can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Including at your workplace, at a venue that is convenient for you or, most often, through the medium of Outdoor Development at one of our Centres in South Wales.

We believe in providing solutions, not products. Each programme we deliver is bespoke, based on your organisations needs. To find out more about our approach click here.

To find out more about our Apprentice Development and Training programs talk to us today on 01558 668878. Check out our Twitter feed to see what we are up to.

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