Dragon LNG

Dragon LNG is one of three LNG regasification terminals in the UK.

Dragon LNG has been undergoing a culture shift programme and have culminated a 9 month Leadership Development Programme with one of our Outdoor Development Events.

This Team and Leadership Outdoor Event was designed to give participants the opportunity to put into practice the skills and tools they have learned across the last 9 months in a safe and challenging environment.  For more information on our Outdoor Development Events in South Wales please click the link.

The event also included elements of Team theory, helping this close knit team become even more effective and ensuring that they are able to continue as a Learning Set once the development programme has finished.

This Outdoor Development event contained a series of tasks and outdoor activities combined with the delivery of theory and review work to accelerate learning. The event was held at one of our Development Centres in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. We use this area as it contains a huge range of activities and challenges that allow us to develop individuals and teams towards their full potential.

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