Face to Face Training

Safe Training Delivery

On-site training in the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

To gain maximum benefit our team and leadership training courses are delivered face to face, at a venue of your choice. Due to the unprecedented global situation, we have adapted our training material and delivery style to ensure that participants and organisations still experience maximum benefit from our courses whilst maintaining a safe working envirnment. We have received the Good-to-Go certification and are constantly changing our procedures to keep in line with current guidance.

We have maintained our 1:10 maximum training ratio, and ensure that our experienced tutors provide participants with ample opportunity to engage and learn.  Our blended learning approach has allowed us to deliver to a range of clients across multiple sectors and we have been receiving excellent feedback from participants and organisations.

Changing Challenges

Many organisations are now struggling with adapting to the changing times, and how to ensure they motivate, lead and develop their people. We have re-designed all of our courses to ensure they adapt and meet this new need. As with all our training, we design bespoke packages based around your organisational needs.  A few sample courses include:

  • Remote Leadership in the Digital Domain
  • Self Leadership including resilience and personal growth
  • Leading Others
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Team development

In addition to the module delivery, our training courses also consist of 1:1 coaching support, and group Action Learning Sets.

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You can’t lead people if you can’t lead yourself

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