Is Leadership Training worth it?

This is a question we frequently get asked by new customers, ‘is leadership training worth it?’, and it is one that frequently plays on their minds. Interestingly, once we’ve worked with an organisation for a while, they stop asking it as they see the value in the training. We also recognise that investing in a Leadership Training can seem daunting, especially if it’s something that an organisation hasn’t considered running before.

Most organisations grow organically, and grow because they are great at what they do.  Often people are promoted because they are the expert widget maker (swap widget for whatever your company does), and not necessarily because they are great at leading and managing the “widget makers”.

We recognise that you will be the experts in your field, and that we can help you maximise how effective your team of widget makers become.

There are a number of reasons that Leadership Training can fail,  the most common ones (and our solutions are):

Not recognising the real issue.  As part of our diagnostic, we dig deep into an organisation to fully understand the issues that a programme is trying to solve.  We look to understand the underlying issues, rather than the ones that initially appear.

Not being clear on objectives. As part of our ongoing review process, we measure the progress of the programme against these metrics, to ensure that we meet them.

Lack of Senior Team buy in. We believe that in order for a leadership training programme to be effective, all leaders should go through the process. This allows the skills and changes to flow from the top, and helps hold everyone to account.

So, in short the answer is YES! Leadership Training is an investment in your team but it is worth it and your organisation will be rewarded of this in the future.