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We are a development company who use the outdoors for its ability to accelerate learning.  We are not an outdoor company who offer development.

Our outdoor development programmes in Wales take an approach that is unique in its ability to train and develop people.  We provide exciting and enjoyable events and programmes. The major benefit of Outdoor Development Programmes the ability to accelerate learning. By using our tried and tested programmes, this allows participants to gain practical experience of applying a variety of models in a challenging environment.

Whilst the idea of using the outdoors to train and develop people has been around for many years. We have developed new methods to enhance learning. For example, putting people into situations where they become immediately accountable for their decisions and actions. As a result, these decisions can affect other members of a team, meaning that lessons are learned very quickly in a safe and memorable working environment.

Our exercises and programmes put individuals into situations where they must work together effectively as a team to be successful. Our activities, likewise, require efficient team approaches but also provide very real challenges for individuals.

This approach allows a range of skills to be tested, with real world examples of learning taken back to the workplace.

The Outdoors provides us with a powerful learning environment. By placing individuals in an unfamiliar and stimulating outdoor environments, they must identify and solve real practical problems. Therefore we use this to help develop individuals, teams and organisations through our Outdoor development programs based in Wales.

We regularly receive very positive feedback on the quality of our Outdoor Development Programs and the impact that they have on those that attend. Examples of the courses we have run on our Case Studies page and feedback from customers on our Testimonials page.

Our Outdoor Development Courses are run from the Brecon Beacons, Wales. They are only 30 minutes from Swansea and 60 Minutes from Cardiff.

Outdoor Development lends itself to a range of topics, including our Team & Leadership development.

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apprentice development

We have delivered personal development programmes for Apprentices for nearly 30 years. We aspire to provide the very best in learning and development experiences that are both challenging and fun at the same time.

graduate development

Depending on the emphasis of the programme, graduates can develop a range of skills.  Examples include teamwork, leadership, communication, listening, creative thinking and negotiation to match their academic knowledge and achievement.

outdoor programme

Our outdoor programmes are based in the stunning landscapes of the Brecon Beacons.

The beautiful scenery and natural features are ideal for enjoyable experiential team & leadership learning.

If you are specifically looking for Outdoor Adventure Activities, go to our Activities Website at hawkadventures.co.uk to see what we offer.

We believe in providing solutions, not products. Each outdoor development programme we deliver in Wales is bespoke, and based on your organisational needs. To find out more about our approach click here.

To find out more about our Outdoor Development programmes talk to us today on 01558 668878.

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