Post covid recovery plan for organisations

Thomas Fuller once said, “that the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn.”

Whilst the battle against Covid-19 seems to be never-ending, and the world may feel like the firefighting required to run a business is never-ending, we know that planning for the post covid recovery phase is vital for future success.

This recovery phase takes careful planning and consideration as there are a lot of pieces to it. The ability to Lead through Change is going to be a critical part of this.

Typically the major outlay for an organisation is its people, yet cutting a training budget is often considered a money-saving exercise during leaner times. Organisations that continue to invest in Training & Development inevitably show greater success throughout periods of recession based on previous research.

Would you delay preventative maintenance on a critical piece of plant, and risk it breaking down or becoming inefficient?

Our team has a huge amount of experience in helping organisations through periods of change. We know that creating a strong leadership team who set clear goals and create the link between those goals and the day to day work carried out by a workforce is critical. We have nearly 30 years of experience across all sectors.

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