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Not all courses and programmes we deliver are commissioned with a need to gain a Return on Investment. However, we are able to predict and measure this when required. We have previously achieved ROI’s of between 150% and 250% and would be pleased to discuss how this can be planned for and measured.

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Sony UK Technogoly Centre

They employ over 400 people at this large and complex site.

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Naturally great leaders are rare, but leadership skills can easily be learnt. The Hawk Associates team are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about developing peoples leadership skills and possess considerable experience, knowledge and expertise on the subject.

We take a pragmatic approach to Leadership Development, whilst we can deliver courses to ILM standards, we have had great success due to the practical approach that our programmes take. Our programmes give participants usable and easy to implement Leadership tools from the beginning. Each of these tools are rooted in sound theory, however it is the means of implementation and transition to the workplace that we focus on, this explains our experiential approach used throughout our Leadership Development Programmes.

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