Support your team during COVID19

Historically team building has been about providing opportunities for shared experiences. With more and more people working from home during covid, this has created difficulties for team cohesiveness. We know the importance of providing a common goal to teams, and a shared culture is important, but what are the other things that you as a leader can do to support your team?

Our top tips for supporting teams during Covid are:

  • Regular line manager 1:1 sessions with each person, check-in on how they are coping as a person.
  • Regular team meetings to update everyone on progress towards goals and to ensure that enough information sharing happening.
  • Providing support and equipment to make sure that they have the best working environment possible. Make sure they aren’t frustrated with a lack of tools to complete the work (i.e. twin screens, comfortable chairs).
  • Providing social opportunities. For example a quiz night, informal networking or even a cake party, this will allow the team to reconnect. One company we work with provided hampers to everyone’s homes on a Friday afternoon, and gave them the afternoon off to chat and enjoy an impromptu party!
  • Provide opportunities. Growth is an important motivator, and providing support and a platform for learning can aid people to see the future direction.
  • Provide reassurance and direction for the team.

For more information on the type of support that we offer to teams, get in touch with us for a free consultation.