Graduate Development Programs

“I have learnt to better articulate my ideas and put them across with increased confidence. Both in 1:1 and group situations.“ Kieron, Graduate


We have had great success in helping graduates to become effective very quickly in the workplace combining theory with practical sessions to ‘fast-track’ the development of individuals.  This approach accelerates them reaching their potential and increases the ability of participants to interact effectively with others.

Graduate Development with Hawk Associates

The problem with graduate recruitment

An effective graduate recruitment scheme is an important component of any organisation’s HR strategy. However, as resource-heavy as the process is, recruiting the best talent is only the starting point. Graduate recruits often require the support from a programme of personal development opportunities in order to thrive in the workplace and smoothly progress into the senior roles for which they were recruited for.


Our Graduate Development programme equips graduates with the people skills that are so often cited as lacking by graduate employers. Depending on the emphasis of the programme, graduates can develop skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, listening, creative thinking and negotiation to match their academic knowledge and achievement.  This emphasis is understood prior to setting the programme objectives, meaning that the development programme is tailored to your organisation and its needs.

We also engender the high performance behaviours that are essential for a successful professional and/or managerial career: determination; positivity; resilience; openness; mindfulness; and creativity.

Benefit of working with us

Our bespoke programmes are built to your organisation’s needs, which provides you with the opportunity to specify the skills and behaviours that  are most important to your organisation. We can then align the programme to your values and culture. The most effect duration for a Graduate Development course is where the candidates are immersed in the learning from Monday to Friday on a residential week, but our flexible approach allows us to work around your needs and constraints.

Sample Participant Learning:

  •  How to work effectively with a team
  •  How to solve problems, think creatively and make decisions
  •  Enhanced communication skills
  •  The fundamentals of good leadership
  •  To take responsibility for their personal development through being self-aware

Benefits for organisation:Celebrating 25 years

  •  Improved overall level of skills in graduate group
  •  Accelerated rate of development
  •  Faster return on graduate investment
  •  More effective team working
  •  Identify strengths and weaknesses in graduate intake group

All of our Graduate Development and Personal Development programmes can be delivered anywhere in the UK, at your workplace, at a venue that is convenient for you or, most often, through the medium of Outdoor Development in South Wales. See Outdoor Personal Development for the benefits of this approach.

To find out how we can build a bespoke Graduate Development programme to meet your organisation’s needs, talk to us today on 01558 668878 or click below to arrange a call back.

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‘It marks a big step in a person’s development when they come to realize that others can be called in to help him do a better job than he can do alone.’
Andrew Carnegie