Different team building programmes

Here at Hawk Associates we offer three different types of team building programmes, they are;

Team building – a fun shared experience. Our team building sessions offer a great opportunity for organisations to reward their employees. Do this through our bespoke events that are designed around your needs. The most popular options are problem-solving, mission-based, construction-based and outdoor activities although we offer a range of others.

Team training – this is our clients most popular choice. We focus on the skills that are crucial to building an efficient, hard-working and strong team. These transferrable skills include communication, listening and problem-solving. This is done through a combination of model delivery & training, combined with problem solving tasks that allow review and experiential learning.

Team Development – this programmes sole focus is to transform an existing team into a high performing team. Time is spent working with the team and on an individual basis focusing on practical problem-solving exercises. The team development programmes are based around individual and team learning. We can also use the outdoor environment to help us stimulate the situations intended to develop a team to work together effectively and cohesively.

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