Outdoor Development and Experiential learning

Think back to when you were in school.  Do you remember the  maths/history tests, or the adventure activity school trip that you took part in? Do you vividly remember the activities and lessons learned? The friends made? The late nights eating midnight snacks by torchlight?

We all know and recognise on a human level,  that people learn far faster if they are in a fun environment that challenges them.  That’s the enormous beauty of our outdoor team & leadership events. They take people back to school days and vivid friendships and connections.  They take people into slightly uncomfortable environments and stretch zones, which really accelerate learning and development.

Our outdoor team and leadership events blend the best of old thinking with the best of current knowledge, and combine them into a memorable outdoor event.  We provide a chance for you to take the learning from the classroom, and into the field.

The beauty of these outdoor events is that they allow us to create real events, with real rewards & consequences to actions. It’s not just about a fun trip away though. We build into each session learning outcomes and objectives that are met by delivering training and facilitated review sessions.

This is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.
I can’t believe how much I learned and enjoyed this course.