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Part of our Leadership Training programmes we want to introduce our Leading Organisations module. Participants will expand on their learning from the Leading Self and Leading Others modules by exploring and understanding what facilitates a high-performance environment. In addition to learning how to ensure that the vision and strategy is clear throughout an organisation.

The focus during this module is continuous organisational improvement. While ensuring that participants are confident in developing organisational relationships. Participants will become proficient at strategic thinking and making decisions that positively guide the organisation towards success by ensuring that decisions match the overarching strategic objectives.

This module also incorporates stakeholder mapping, transition mapping and useful skills such as time management, future planning.

Israelmore Ayivor

You can’t lead people if you can’t lead yourself

leadership training – leading organisations
Typical objectives include:
Reflecting and embed learning from Leading Self and Leading others.
Completing an urgent vs important grid to understand the reactive versus proactive split
Refocusing time on the important things that will enable continuous improvement
Developing the skills to lead the organisation, team and individual through change
Developing evolved dialogue skills and commit to using them to work collectively and in collaboration
Considering what leadership changes are required to foster a permission culture
Reviewing stakeholder mapping and plan relationship development
Building the skills and confidence required to influence sideways and upwards effectively

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Understand your own motivations, bias and behaviour.


 Understand how to lead team members effectively.


Leading others & leading organisations.

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Each of the Leading Self, Leading Others & Leading Organisations modules are part of our Leadership Training Programme, and they are designed to be worked through in sequence as part of a programme. Each one builds on the skills previously learned. It is possible to combine modules into shorter programmes although we recommend that they are taken in conjunction with each other for maximum effect.

We believe in providing solutions, not products. Each programme we deliver is bespoke, based on your organisations needs. To find out more about our approach click here.

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