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Before a person can truly lead others, they need to understand how their own motivations, bias and behaviour can impact on the performance of others. We have been delivering Leadership training in Wales since 1992 as a result of that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Therefore we are positive we can help your organisation and your people to become great leaders.

The Leading Self Module will assist leaders in creating a personal leadership brand. This focuses on trust, accountability & presence whilst also providing an opportunity for self-reflection & learning. Most importantly, we provide 360° feedback as a benchmark, allowing participants to see themselves as others see them. Leadership strengths and development areas will be highlighted based on a personal assessment and strategies covered to enhance and develope these.

We blend the outputs from the diagnostic to create a customised module that encourages participants to question the image they portray to their team. Therefore, to fully understand the benefits that good role modelling has on creating a high performing team.

The adage of “your biggest weakness, is your greatest strength, overdone” is emphasised within this module, and participants are provided with 1:1 coaching to assist with unlocking their full potential.

Israelmore Ayivor

You can’t lead people if you can’t lead yourself

Typical objectives include:
Defining leadership and what is required from leaders in todays world
Reviewing the blueprint of what good leadership looks like and link to collective company culture and values.
Reflecting on leadership strengths and areas for focus.
Focusing on personal motivations that drive our behaviour, whilst linking these into personal and company values.
Developing a personal leadership brand which focuses on trust, accountability, curiosity and presence.
Receiving feedback on personal impact.
Receiving support to implement learning therefore making behavioural changes to their leadership style.
Encouraging transformational leadership behaviours rather than transactional or position based ones.

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Leading others & leading


 Understand how to lead team members effectively.


Understand your own motivations and behaviour.

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Each of the Leading Self, Leading Others & Leading Organisations modules are designed to be worked through in sequence as part of a programme. Each one builds on the skills previously learned. It is possible to combine modules into shorter programmes although we recommend that they are taken in conjunction with each other for maximum effect.

We believe in providing solutions, not products. Each programme we deliver is based on your organisations needs therefore totally bespoke. To find out more about our approach click here.

Finding a high quality Leadership Training company in Wales has never been easier. To find out more about our Leading Self module talk to us today on 01558 668878 or click here to arrange a callback. Check our Twitter feed to see what we are up to.

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