Leading Others

You have developed my skills, my confidence and provided me with the equipment/tool kit to grow not only as a leader [within CEG] but as an individual. You inspired.“ Donna Griffiths, DVLA

Facilitation Provision from Hawk AssociatesIn this module participants will gain an understanding of how to lead team members effectively, as well as provide feedback and coaching to develop others.  Participants will gain an understanding of the dynamics of motivating others, as well as asking questions and effective listening to build engagement in others.


Typical objectives include:


  • To reflect and embed learning from Leading Self and set context for Leading the organisation
  • To explore the business case for moving from transactional leadership of others, to transformational leadership of others
  • To introduce the ‘Transformational Leadership Cycle’ (framework for the rest of the module)
  • To develop the skills required to create meaning through context
  • To understand different motivations to encourage contribution
  • To pinpoint what makes a good (and bad) performance conversation with a manager
  • To learn how to set team and individual targets effectively to encourage contribution and manage performance
  • To share the framework and practice holding 1:1 performance conversations
  • To apply feedback and coaching principles, tools and techniques to develop others’ capability and unlock potential
  • To use situational leadership effectively
  • To practice delivering ‘tough love’ messages when performance is off track and dealing with negative reactions
  • To explore creative ways to validate outcomes and reward and recognise effort and contribution
  • To review relevant 360 LBC categories, learning and feedback from the module and plan actions to change leadership behaviours
  • To publicly commit to actions

Leadership Management Wales Quality Award

Each of the Leading Self, Leading Others & Leading Organisations modules are designed to be worked through in sequence as part of a programme. Each one builds on the skills previously learned.  It is possible to combine modules into shorter programmes.

We believe in providing solutions, not products.  Each programme we deliver is bespoke, based on your organisations needs.  To find out more about our approach click here.

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‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. ‘
John C Maxwell